What are you reading these days?  Where do you get your news?  How do you continue to improve yourself?

I work to read books and learn everyday.  I recently wrote in this blog how I use an e-reader to gain time and read more books.  Previously I have written about using Google Reader to subscribe to RSS news feeds from blogs.  This is essentially where 100% of my news contact and outside world comes from.  Lately, I have been working on more professional development and tried Coursera – an online, free access tool to take college classes.

I want to share some outstanding links to help give professional development ideas to you:

This one was on the Under30CEO.com web site.  It is a list of outstanding blogs to follow:

24 Awesome Blogs and Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

Similarly, this one was on the same web site and is a list of free courses everyone should consider.

20 Free Entrepreneurship Courses Online to Check Out

you have a choice today, and depending on how you use your time it could be wasted watching television (especially the wasteful world of pro sports) or you could take 30-45 minutes of “tube time” and learn.

Good luck moving forward!