My wife gave me a great new tablet computer for father’s day. Check it out here. I think this thing is an iPad killer, but it is horribly lame with the software installed from Viewsonic. When I first turned it on I was blown away – the regular Android software was running. Then a firmware update took place and I was left with Viewsonic’s “Touch n Tap.” I had already decided I was going to “root” the device and flash a new Rom. There are choices: TNT, Cyanogenmod, CreativeEyes, Mountain Laurel and the list goes on.

Feeling good, but nervous I prepped for the flashing upon arrival. This web site – taught me everything I needed to know. There are several steps:
1) Determine your firmware
2) Install ClockworkMod
3) Flash the new OS

It took me less than 30 minutes.

Coming from the iPhone world I have had some other challenges. What apps to install? How does this thing work? Etc.

I did the following:
1) Installed the equivalent from the Android Market of apps I use on my iPhone
2) I installed Adobe Acrobat
3) I went with Documents to Go for Droid so I could truly edit word documents
4) I found some SQL Server console programs
5) I installed Angrybirds – of course!
6) I got a live desktop that looks like a fish tank – WOW!
7) My Kindle account is installed

I discovered I have 5 screens with which to work and am continuing to navigate. I will share more as I do more, but wanted to document my experience.